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  • Piano Moving/ Storage

  • Piano Tuning/ Regulation

  • Sales/ Rental

  • Rebuilding/ Restoration

Piano Moving / Storage

   We have over thirty years of experience and can help you with any size piano and any move no matter how hard. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, we can help. Selling or donating your piano? We can save you the pain and frustration of moving it yourself.


   We can also store your piano in one of our humidity controlled locations for any amount of time. 


Piano Tuning/ Regulation

    All of our staff here at Gary's Pianos are qualified piano tuners availabe Monday through Saturday (9-5pm) to tune your piano.

Did you know there are seven or more moving parts between the key and the string that have to be adjusted for your piano to function properly? The more time and use that a piano has affects this and should be maintained. We can also do these fine adjustments if necessary. If you are a...


  • Private Resident

  • Church/Organization

  • Universtiy


                                      ...then we can help you out!.



Sales/ Rental

    We are a small local company that focuses on the exact need of our customers. We won't try to sell you something you don't need or want. We strive to have every market covered from the beginner to professional. Also every budget and living situation is considered by selling both acoustic and digital pianos. No matter if you are in a house, apartment, or dorm, we have something for you.

    We also have a piano rental program available in short or long terms. These programs are either rent-to-own, month-to-month, yearly, or even just weekends.


Rebuilding, Refurbishing and Restoration

    We have been rebuilding pianos for univerities and private clientele for over 25 years. Name brands such as Steinway, Weber, Knabe, Baldwin etc. We also rebuild Player Pianos and Pump organs! Rebuilding involves any one or more of the following:


  • Restringing

  • Refinishing

  • New Hammers

  • New Pin Block

  • Repair Soundboard, etc.

    Restoration is all of the above and Refurbishing is the process of bringing the piano back to life but the piano doesn't need full restoration.



We also do insurance quotes and have special rates for churches and schools!


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